Thursday, 1 December 2011

Sort It Out, Light!

At a library I use frequently, I noticed I could no longer access a particular website. I pointed this out to their IT guy and he said they were changing systems and suggested I use a computer with the new software. When I did, I still couldn't access the website. I figured I'd just leave it until it's been sorted out. Besides, I could always access the website at home anyway.

Yesterday when I tried the website again and couldn't access it I thought to myself "Light is all including this website. Sort it out, Light!"

Today at the library two IT guys came to investigate the problem. They asked me what problem I'd been having with the website and I told them it wasn't loading. They asked me to try logging in on the new software machine and the website came on on instantly. When I logged on a computer with the old software, that came on instantly too.

The IT guys couldn't understand why the website was suddenly working and they kept asking me what the actual problem was. All I could do was explain to them that the website was simply not loading.

There was no way I was going to tell them that I had asked Divine Light to sort it.

Thank you Light for fixing it!


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