Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Manifesting Your Heart's Desires

I believe there are two ways to manifesting the desires of your heart.

The first way is by working really for the money and then you can treat yourself to whatever you fancy.

The second way is by simply putting out the intention to the Universe and trusting in the Universe to manifest your desires effortlessly.

I believe because most people have been conditioned to accept the first method as the only way to receive the desires of your heart, they are not so open to explore the second method of manifesting. When they do manifest by the second way, they tend to feel guilty if they haven't earned it so they feel obliged to exchange something in return. The only time people don't feel so guilty manifesting via the second method is when what they have manifested are received from loved ones or at birthdays, anniversaries, religious festivals, celebrations etc...then that's perfectly acceptable.

I had been thinking that I needed a new jacket or coat. So I put out the intention. Shortly after, a friend decided to treat me by buying a couple of items of clothing for me. While I was trying on a cardigan, he said he didn't like the coat I was wearing and said he would like to see me in a more stylish jacket. He also said he'd been browsing the Web for jackets and had seen one that would suit me. Hmmm, is it possible the Universe is working through my friend as a possible channel to manifest my jacket?

Later that day, my friend emailed me the website link of the jacket but I didn't like it. I went into another website and found some jackets I liked and forwarded him the links to see what he thought of them but he wasn't keen on them, though we agreed on the kind of style that would suit me. I started feeling uncomfortable that he was trying to style me his way rather than what I prefer and I expressed my discomfort. After we had a fallout, I decided to drop the idea of my jacket coming through him. I knew one way or another my jacket was going to come to me. On that same evening, as I was walking home, I saw a woman wearing a jacket with the same style I was thinking of. I asked her where she'd got it from and she told me. I took it as a sign that my jacket was on its way to me.

I soon received some money for Christmas, I decided I would invest in a new jacket.

Traditionally, the sales start on Boxing Day (26 December) and there's this mad rush to the shops. Although I like a good bargain, I had no intention of joining the herd. I decided to just relax and only go to the shops when I was in the mood for it.

Two days later, I went into the city. Because most of the city workers are off over the holiday period, the shops in that area were practically empty. The first shop I went into had a jacket I liked which almost matched my requirements but it was more than I was willing to pay. I had an idea that if I went into a particular shop I would find my jacket. On the way, I stopped in two shops to see what they had but they didn't have what I was looking for. As soon as I walked into the shop I had been inspired to go to, I saw my jacket which was almost identical to the one I'd seen on that website; and it was the only one left in my size. I tried it and it fitted perfectly. The price was also perfect too.

Thank you, Universe, for my stylish jacket, which I love!


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