Saturday, 3 December 2011

Loving My Light

I know that I am Light and that nothing can be added or taken away from who I am.

Therefore, I have all the light particles at my command here and now to express my joy. I believe what is true for me is true for all i.e. everyone has infinite particles of light at their command to express their joy in every moment.

I believe the purpose of the human realm is to express the Light that I am in physical form. I am here to be myself and express my joy.

When I came into the human reality, my light particles got distorted by the consensus reality that is based on fear, guilt, judgment, rules, dogma, learning lessons, lack, disasters, sickness, pain, suffering, disease, aging, death, etc. My Light ended up adopting those beliefs which manifested in the equivalent physical form and in my life experiences.

The good news is it's never too late to get back on track and follow my blueprint. All I need to do is love the Light that I am back to perfection. Here's one example.

When my mother's potted vegetable plant, which I call Agnes, started growing deformed leaves caused by being placed in the wrong environment, I suggested to my mother that we love her back to full health. After my mother pruned Agnes, when she grew new leaves they were also deformed, signifying that the cellular memories of hurt had been transferred to the next generation. We continued to love Agnes and encouraged her to grow big and strong. After mum pruned her again, the second generation of leaves also had the same deformity. Again we continued to love Agnes. By the third generation, all signs of deformity had been erased and she was back to her former self.

When I apply my understanding of light to Agnes, because the light particles appearing as Agnes had been influenced by fear, they manifested as imperfection. As we continued to love the light patterns that is Agnes anyway and encouraged her to be true to herself, she was not only restored to her former glory she even produced leaves that were bigger. Agnes also makes delicious vegetable sauce, which is a bonus. (For the full story see Dissolving Cell Memories).

I am now applying this principle of loving the light particles in my own experience.

I am now loving the Light that is appearing as: my body, my senses, my thoughts, my feelings, my experiences, my beliefs, my relationships. It doesn't matter what flaws I have, how many mistakes I've made or how much pain and injury I've experienced, I'm loving all of them anyway.

While I was pondering on these ideas last night, I thought of my loved ones and I sent love to their light particles. This morning after I discussed these ideas with my mother, she said last night while she was half asleep, in her mind's eye, she saw an image of a candle burning. The light stayed lit for a few seconds and then disappeared.

From now on, if someone asks for healing all I'm going to do is love their Light. (There's no need to send light as they already have all the light they need). I trust in love to rearrange their light particles to their true self, whatever that means for them.

I am loving the Light of my life.
Love heals, loves restores.


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