Monday, 19 December 2011

Love Never Has Days Off

While I was at home and watching TV, I fancied watching an episode of Star Trek Voyager, which I love. Given that it's the holiday season and some channels like to adjust their programmes to take the season into account, I wondered if they would still have it on the channel they normally show it on. When I checked that channel, I saw they had several episodes of Voyager listed. I ended up watching one episode.

That's what I love about some Satellite channels - their schedules are not influenced by holiday seasons. For them it's always business as usual.

I'm reminded of a Sierra Leonean song I heard as a child that goes:

"Cow wey nor get tail, na God dey dreb him fly, God no dey sleep."


It is God who chases away the flies from a cow without a tail. God never sleeps.

Love is a hard taskmaster and never has days off. That's why what I love is available for all time.


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