Sunday, 18 December 2011

Freedom = No Rules

In last night's final of Strictly Come Dancing, the TV contest where celebrities are paired off with professional Ballroom and Latin dancers, the finalists had to perform a "Show Dance."

With the "Show Dance", there are no rules to follow; they can do what they like.

Each couple's "Show Dance" incorporated different dance styles that were appropriate for the routine and also enabled the celebrity's personality to shine through.

Imagine a life where there are no rules, no belief structures to prevent you from expressing who you are and how you feel! You can manifest anything in an instant as there's nothing to prevent you from doing so.

Some might argue that without rules the world would be chaotic. I beg to differ! A world with no rules is rather like a junction where the traffic light is not working and yet traffic flows effortlessly because there is an Intelligence at work directing the flow. I have observed this at work many times. (See Order in Chaos). I believe that Intelligence is the One in all, my real Self.

My real Self is unconditioned; She has and knows no limits.

I am Freedom.


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