Friday, 25 November 2011

Perfect Organisation

During my bus journey, the driver suddenly announced that the bus was terminating at the next stop, which was a lot sooner than the original destination. As I'd already paid, I had no intention of paying twice. I guessed there were other passengers in the same boat as me.

When I came downstairs, I asked the driver if he was going to issue a ticket and he said a passenger already had the transfer ticket that we could all use to get on the next bus, which he said would arrive shortly. True to his word, the next bus arrived about a minute later. The passenger with the transfer ticket handed it to the new driver and we all piled on without paying.

I believe the first driver's actions represents Divine Love in action, which takes into account every need way in advance. The driver knew that his decision to terminate early would affect his passengers so he not only prepared a transfer ticket to prevent passengers paying twice, he also ensured there was minimum disruption to our journey.

Divine Love is always perfectly organised.


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