Monday, 31 October 2011

On Trolls and Being Spellbound

Is it true that bankers, politicians, and world leaders are really responsible for the state the world is in now?

Yesterday, I watched an episode of the BBC TV series Merlin a fantasy drama "based on the Arthurian legends of the wizard Merlin and his relationship with Prince Arthur." (Wikipedia) Although Merlin is Prince Arthur's faithful servant, the prince doesn't know Merlin is a wizard. Merlin has to constantly use his magical powers in secret to protect the prince and the court from attacks.

In the episode I watched called "Beauty and the Beast - Part 2", the King of Camelot has fallen in love with this woman who is actually a troll, an ugly creature who has to drink some kind of magic potion to retain her human appearance. The troll is interested in acquiring wealth. Only Merlin can see through her. Merlin tells Prince Arthur that she's a troll but Arthur doesn't believe him. The King and the troll get married. Because the new queen knows Merlin can see through her, she fabricates a story that Merlin has stolen something precious from her. The King orders that Merlin be arrested. Merlin has to go into hiding while, at the same time, try and find a way to expose the troll for what she is.

In the meantime, the troll queen, convinces the king to charge his people tax they can't afford and the besotted king orders his son to collect the taxes. Prince Arthur refuses to obey his father and the king arranges for his order to be carried out. Merlin casts a spell that enables others to see the troll for who she is but the king is so spellbound he still can't see through her. Merlin and his helper have to find another way to wake up the king from his trance. In the end, the troll is killed.

I believe just like folks in Camelot were spellbound by the troll, I believe a similar spell has been cast on humanity for a very long time. It is the spell that makes you forget who you really are as an unlimited being. It is the spell that make you believe that we all have to compete for the little resources there are leading to the "dog eat dog" mentality. It is the spell that makes you believe that happiness is not natural. It is the spell that makes you fearful. You cannot be in peace when you are constantly worrying about how to survive. What happens when people are not in their peace, they are fearful and stressed which depletes you of energy leading to sickness, old age and death. There are obviously parts of society that benefit from people being in survival mode such as the police, doctors, lawyers, insurance companies, funeral directors... to name but a few.

Speaking of spells, the other day as I was walking home I saw this man in a wheelchair. After he said hello, I asked him how he was. "I'm feeling perfect, thank you!" he said. I thought to myself, how can you be feeling perfect when you're in a wheelchair? That's what the spell does, it makes you so accustomed to imperfection that you accept it as the norm.

As I see it, instead of blaming certain segments of society, look to the trolls behind the scenes controlling the leaders of the world. Once you can see the trolls for who they are, you're out of the trance and you are free to be the magnificent being that you really are.

The trolls will still continue their mischief but they won't bother you as they know you can see right through them anyway.

I believe the bottom line is: Love is all there is, including the trolls.


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