Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Love Comes as a Complete Package - Revisited

"For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away." 1 Corinthians 13: 9-10
Over the last four years, my mother has been in and out of hospital for hip replacement operations. The last one they did wasn't successful so they recently had to remove the old implant, put a temporary one in, and give her some treatment to clear the infection. She's still waiting for the final operation. Although I know doctors are always doing the best they can based on the limited resources they have for so many patients, I can't help feeling frustrated about how slow her treatment has been. Why can't the Health System provide a treatment that is complete and permanent?

One reason is because of the lack of resources, treatments can only be done in instalments. Obviously, if you can afford to pay to see the consultant privately, you will receive all the attention and treatments you need speedily.

Another reason why treatment is never complete is because the System profits from people being sick. If people got cured instantly or no longer needed medicine, a large segment of the population would be out of a job. So as long as the System profits from people being sick, whether it's financially or emotionally, there's no real incentive to find permanent cures or to permanently eliminate the causes of diseases and old age. In other words, fear of people losing their livelihoods is so strong that the fear ends up perpetuating the conditions of sickness and old age.

I can perfectly understand the fear of losing your livelihood. What if there was a way to be healed and have all your needs taken care of at the same time?

Although I'm not a Christian, I have studied the teachings of Jesus in the Bible. He said he came to show people how to live life abundantly. What I particularly find interesting are the healing miracles. Let's take one example of a man who has had some kind of infirmity for 38 years. When Jesus asks him if he would like to be made whole, the man says there's no one around to carry him to the water that he believes will heal him. Presumably, the man is disabled. Jesus tells him to take up his bed and walk. It is written:

"And immediately the man was made whole, and took up his bed, and walked." John 5: 9
For the man to be made whole he had to be healed not only of his "infirmity" but his other conditions as well. I would imagine the man had got used to identifying himself as disabled or infirm for 38 years. That mentality and supporting beliefs had to be erased. I would also imagine the man has been accustomed to a certain lifestyle that comes with being disabled, not having a job, being dependent on people and even begging for alms so he could survive. The man was healed of that attitude. Since God knows the man still has physical needs, He must have provided a new lifestyle that included income, accommodation and emotional fulfillment. In other words, the wholeness that Jesus offered that man was the complete package - wholeness in body, mind and affairs.

What if the man with the infirmity was living in today's society? He would be receiving Incapacity Benefits, which he would have to give up the moment he's no longer classed as "disabled." He would then need to start looking for a job. If the man believes he doesn't have any skills to find a job that will support and provide for his needs, he's not going to be willing to let go of his disability. It's in his own best interest to prolong that illness as long as possible.

Back to the miracles, Jesus performed. Where did that Power come from? Within him. I believe the same Power Jesus had, we all have. It's a matter of opening up to It and trusting in It. That Power knows that we all have needs in every moment. The Power is not going to just heal you and leave you without an income or a lifestyle! The Power is going to provide a lifestyle that is right for the individual; the Power teaches you a new way of thinking; and the Power gives you a body that no longer gets sick or can be healed without being dependent on the System.

I believe that Power within is Love.

Love gives you the desires for an abundant life and Love fulfills those desires.

Love comes as a complete package.


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