Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Smile Currency

When I noticed this man on the street, I smiled at him and said hello and he smiled back. He asked me if I read a particular weekly listings magazine. He went into his car and got me the next week's issue, which he said he wanted me to have for free because of my lovely smile. The magazine was still in its plastic container. I thanked him for his lovely gift.

My friend asked me where I was from originally and I told him. Was I available to go out with him? I told him I wasn't. He then wished we well, got in his car and drove off.

I've lost count of how many free gifts I've received over the years when I've smiled at people - male and female.

Reminds me of a piece I read a while back about the acronym for SMILE:
"If we look at the letters in the word SMILE, it can be understood to mean: Sending My Infinite Love Everywhere." The Magic Key of Love
I love the idea that when I smile I am sending them my infinite love. No wonder people react the way they do when I smile? They are touched by my love and want to love me back in their own way.

Maybe, instead of using money, we can use Smile as the new world currency. A smile can be exchanged for anything as long as the smile is a genuine smile. If the person doesn't have anything to give, they can exchange a smile instead.

I am rich in Smiles.


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