Thursday, 15 September 2011


While I was waiting at the supermarket car park for my cab home, this man walked by and he said hello and I said hello back. As I watched him walking with his shopping to his car, I found myself in a reverie about him:

"I wonder where he's going? Maybe, he's going my way. If he is, he could give me a lift. If he offered me a lift I would have to cancel the cab. I don't even have their telephone number. I would have to go back in the supermarket and call from there. That sounds like too much hassle. The mini cab company won't be happy if I let them turn up and I'm not here. Forget it! What am I thinking of? The man's gone anyway."

When I stopped day-dreaming, I noticed the man walking back in my direction. As he was approaching me, he stopped and asked me where I was going. I told him.

"Can I give you a lift?"

"I've ordered a cab."

Just at that moment, my cab arrived.

"You could have had a lift for free," he said.

"Yes. Thanks for the offer anyway!" I said.

Impressive! I must day dream a lot more often.


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