Friday, 2 September 2011

Praying for Everything

The world, as we are collectively dreaming it, has been structured in such a way that everything costs money.

They're even trying to sell us happiness and well being, which is everyone's birthright. Every day we are bombarded with adverts "encouraging" us to take various pills and potions to help you sleep, digest your food, make you relax, make you healthy, help you stay young and beautiful, etc.

What if you don't have any money? How can one survive in a world where everything costs money?

I believe prayer or intentions is the answer.

Prayer helps me see into the nature of reality so I'm not mesmerised or deceived by advertising, dogma and the many beliefs.

Prayer helps me experience the world as beautiful and loving even when appearances would have me believe otherwise.

Prayer helps me stay true to myself so I can always be the happy, peaceful and radiant Me that doesn't need pills and potions.

Prayer helps me experience realities that the world says is impossible.

Prayer helps me have things that the world says I cannot have without money.

Prayer helps me feel like a millionaire when my purse is empty.

I believe prayer is the new economy.

That's why I believe in praying for everything.


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