Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Are My Human Experiences Real?

My human experiences are not real. Who I really am is Creative Intelligence/Infinite Self/Light/Love/Spirit.

True or false?

The above statement is true when I believe in the spirit/flesh duality. That belief gives rise to two versions of me: one that is formless spirit that never experiences birth and death; and the material me that goes through birth and death. My material/human form goes through many changes from being a baby, toddler, teenager, adult, middle age, old age and corpse. The body that goes through the different changes is a dream body and, therefore, not real.

When I know that spirit is all there is, then my human form, human experiences and what appears to be the material universe are seen as they truly are - spirit in physical forms just as water can be ice, fluid and steam.

Then whether I am appearing as a solid spirit, thought spirit or feeling spirit, I expect to enjoy the benefits of spirit in rather the same way one expects to enjoy the benefits of living in a particular country when you are a national of that country.

One of the attributes of spirit is that it never changes. Therefore, I expect my spiritual body in physical human form to remain the same.

I am spirit in human form.
My human experiences are spirit and very real.


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