Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away - Revisited

At any moment, I'm either identifying myself as the dream self which is constantly shifting or as the Light of my Soul that is infinite, perfect and never changes.

The dream self is the human experience with its multifarious beliefs. This self experiences life through learning lessons. Because this self is finite, life is also finite. As humans, there's never enough energy, love, money, power, space or time to go round. Therefore, you are either doing all you can to add more to what you have or conserve the little that you believe you have.

When I identify myself as Light, I am aware that nothing outside has any power to influence me in any way unless I choose it. In other words, no thoughts, beliefs and experiences have any power over me. When someone's thoughts have power to influence me, it's either because they are mirroring back to me what I believe or reminding me of the truth of my being. Therefore, if I find someone annoying, I'm actually seeing a part of myself that I find annoying. If someone inspires me, I am seeing a part of myself that is inspiration. To dismiss experiences I don't wish to experience, whether I recognise them as me or not, all I have to do is remind myself that I am Light and that nothing can be added or taken away from Light.

In the same vein, my beliefs, experiences and thoughts have no power whatsoever to influence others as they are also Light. If someone is influenced by me, I'm either reflecting what they believe or reminding them of their own Light. They can always dismiss my thoughts and beliefs by reminding themselves that nothing can be added to or taken away from who they are as Light.

One thing I practise is projecting my Light wherever I am. The purpose is not to influence people to act in a particular way but to create my good with Light. In my Light, I am loved, safe and protected. Those who resonate with my Light are drawn to me so we can have fun together.

For instance, while I was walking down a particular road yesterday, there was a man walking ahead of me. In the distance, I could see a cat walking towards us. The man in front didn't stop to admire the cat. I presumed he either didn't see the cat or wasn't into cats. The cat didn't stop to say hello to the man either. But as soon as I approached and called the cat to me, he was all over me. I've actually stroked that cat before, so he remembered me and was happy to spend time with me.

I am Light. Nothing can be added to or taken away from who I am as Light.


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