Friday, 5 August 2011

An Exception to the Rule

As I see it, there are the rules/beliefs that people have made up and there is Love's way. Love doesn't break human rules, Love simply operates under another Law which transcends those rules.

The Law of Love is rather like when cars have to give way when they hear an ambulance or other emergency vehicles approaching. There are times when an ambulance would even break the speed limit in an area where you're meant to drive slowly. When there is no emergency, that same ambulance has to follow the same traffic rules as other cars.

So my mother asked me to call this prayer line and ask if they could pray for her.

When I called and explained my mother's situation, the woman on the other side affirmed God's presence working through my mother, the doctors, patients, medication, etc. After she finished her prayer, I told her I have also affirmed the same Truth on behalf of my mother and the other patients. We then chatted for a few minutes about practical spirituality and how people are waking up to love. Both of us were very uplifted by our conversation. I then thanked my friend for being there. Before I hung up, I asked her name. She said volunteers don't usually give out their names over the phone but she was going to make an exception for me. Her name was very similar to my mother's.

I believe to experience constant miracles, wonder and magic, it's important to see Love's presence in all things and know that Love is in control. Then every moment is treated as an emergency where human rules/beliefs are either suspended or no longer apply.

Love is all there is.


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