Friday, 19 August 2011

Are You a Witch?

While I was with my mother I said to her: "Wouldn't it be nice if such and such happened." (I've left out the details)

She looked at me in amazement. "Are you a witch?"

"What did I say?" I said. "Have I been reading your thoughts?"

"You just expressed verbatim what I was praying this morning," she said. "I'm getting scared of you!"

"No need. Thoughts are not private. I'm just picking them up without even trying." I said. "At least it shows your prayer is working as I'm agreeing with your prayer by giving it additional power. That's how I believe we help to make each other's dreams come true."

"You're lucky you don't live in the middle ages or you would be burnt at the stake for being a witch," mum said.

My mother told me I've read her thoughts many times but she has kept quiet about them and been secretly wary of me.

The same thing happened yesterday when I was discussing something I'd read with a friend. He looked at me in amazement and said he and a friend had been using the same idea in a project they were working on.

The same friend and I were discussing a particular topic. Today I received an email about the same topic. I forwarded him the email in case he found it useful.

I have observed that thoughts are not only generated from people but from objects too as all have consciousness. The other day after the nurse had treated my mother at home I returned the carrier bag of medication to the fridge. Later I was drawn to another identical carrier bag and I had a thought to check if it should go in the fridge too. It was then I realised I had put the wrong bag in the fridge. I had a feeling the drugs had sent me that message.

When I lose an object, I feel the object calling me. I left my umbrella at a friend's yesterday but just as we were leaving I remembered. I could have sworn I'd heard my umbrella calling out to me "Don't leave me here!"

I am not a witch, I am just doing what comes naturally for all of us.


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